Saturday, July 11, 2015

Quandary PR's - Skyrunning Vertical K Training

I've commented before that Quandary, with 3400' of gain in 3.2 miles is essentially a Vertical K and I've been working hard to make some progress on blasting past my PR's. I posted some articles about how I was working that during the winter and now I have made a summer attempt.

Quandary Skyrunning Vertical K Video

Video report on my Quandary PR's last Saturday. Fun times making it. Don't forget to click the "Sign Up" button at the end to qualify for a super freebie coming your way soon. I can hardly wait for this one.
Posted by Seven Summits Body on Saturday, July 11, 2015

Be sure to click the "Sign Up" link at the end of the video to qualify for a super sweet freebie deal coming up quick that I know you'll love.

I was able to knock 9 minutes off my previous summer best ascent, and nearly 30 minutes off my summer round trip best time. It was really difficult and I feel great. Can I knock off another 6 minutes and come in under 1:30:00? Time will tell. I do know a few spots that added up would be about 2 minutes. Another 4 beyond that would be dang tough.

Summit of Mount Rainier, Columbia Crest, with Liberty Cap behind

I did a road 10k PR on June 6, and a Quandary Vertical K PR on July 4. It's been a week of recovery and some intense alternated with light training to get the recovery process in motion. Next week I get to get back into a more intense longer stretch of training.

BTW: a few weeks ago I also did the Emmons Glacier Route as a group co-leader on Mount Rainier. With all the pro and gear I think my pack was over 50 lb. on the way up, and since one of our group had to be evacuated with HAPE we ended up splitting their gear up on the way down. That was pretty heavy. I could feel that all the way down on Quandary.

Just below the 14,265' summit of Quandary in Colorado

So I'll keep you in the loop for all the training news if you stay tuned right here. Thanks.

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