Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thinking of Quandary This Month

I've been chatting with my wife about my goals and plans for the coming year. One is to finally finish up Elbrus, Race or not. In discussing my plans in regards to finishing Elbrus, we thought that perhaps I should try to get in a once-a-month climb of Quandary, regardless of weather. Elbrus has atrocious weather you know. Cold and windy is the norm most summit days it seems. It's only the non-summit days that you get beautiful blue skies.

Since I was able to acclimatize so well for Orizaba in 2013, in spite of living here in Utah at the time, we considered that I could actually just test my 14000' ability to acclimatize regularly, then once on Elbrus, hang out for a day at the Barrels Huts and go up the first nice day.

In any case, it seems reasonable, based on the past. Now for the future.

What shape am I in? Can I acclimatize? Can I get my "running legs" back in time?

Stay tuned ...

Evolution of a Cyclist

Chain Reaction Cycles posted this on Facebook recently, and I realized just how very true this is.

Sunday, September 30, 2018

Road To Elbrus Lambert Fall Hike

The big reveal. Why am I not at the Qualifier, which happened the day I recorded this?

In a nutshell - fractured Rib. Fell riding on Rodeo at Lambert. On the night of the flaming bee stings. Quite a story. I'll share it sometime. Remind me...

Sunday, August 19, 2018

Message From Moab 18 August

Sadly, it looks like Elbrus Race 2018 is out of the picture. Not enough time to get trained and peak, and get a visa, and get the High School Mountain Bike team I coach ready for the impending racing season.

Road To Elbrus - Morgan in the Dark - 13 August

When I first began this whole idea of returning to Elbrus Race, like I did in 2010 and 2013, I hadn't been running at all. I'd even quit running on the treadmill. Training to be a mountain biking coach, in spite of my limited technical skills. I even get to ride with some really super fast kids, so it's tough work for me. I've been so injured this past year that it's been hard to recover and keep up a lot of the time.

For those of you who don't normally follow me, or my adventures, I entered Elbrus Race 2010, but was unable to continue after a lazy cook gave me untreated water. In 2013 I took 5th place in a slightly modified race up to 17,000' in near whiteout conditions. I have written numerous books about my Seven Summits Quest, and my training for climbing, including instruction manuals. Check out my author profile FOR MORE INFO.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Road to Elbrus - Car Chat - 15 August 2018

It's all coming together too quickly. The High School Mountain Bike Races and my position as a Coach for my team. My training to ride with the fastest of my group. Training to run has been put aside for the summer in previous years. What about this year? What about the Red Fox Elbrus Race in May 2019?

Saturday, August 11, 2018

Road To Elbrus - Skyrunning Training - 10 Aug 2018

It's like one big game of "what-if" and you know the odds are against you. Elbrus Race 2018? In only six weeks? With enough time to get a Russian Visa? By Mail? Dang I'm a glutton for punishment.